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blood_bonded's Journal

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An Eric/Sookie Shipper Community
+ Blood-Bonded is a community dedicated to the relationships between Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman from the Southern Vampire Mysteries novels by Charlaine Harris, and more recently, the HBO television series TrueBlood. Although the primary focus of this comm will be the relationship between the characters in the books, discussion of TrueBlood is welcome as well.

+ Fan content should be Sookie and/or Eric (preferably together) related in some way. It needn't necessarily be romantic, but it should have both of them and preferably interacting.

+ Discussion of the books and episodes is also always welcome.

+ Be respectful! We don't have to like or agree with everyone, but everyone has a right to post.

+ All current books will be considered fair game for discussion, but if you want to talk about a recent episode of the television series, please warn for spoilers and use an LJ-cut.

+ If posting a lot of material [more than a few icons, fanart, fanfic] please use an LJ-cut. It's all right if you forget, but bear in mind that we'll probably cut it for you.

+ Fanfiction should use the following format:

Rating: [either with K through M rating or G through NC-17] If you're not sure what something should be rated, err on the side of caution.
Fandom: [should be book series or TV series]
Warnings: [like spoilers for the series, squicks, death, etc.]
Summary: [just a quick line or two of what it's about -- might want to mention when it's set, etc.]

+ godhatesfangs
+ skarsgardstills